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Kelly Culiver : President of Strategic Solutions, Inc.
Kelly Culiver - President
About Strategic Solutions, Inc.

Company Profile

Strategic Solutions, Inc. is the developer, manufacturer, and marketing center for "The Messenger" Quick Messenger System. We are headquartered in Newburgh, Indiana and have distribution channels across the United States. Strategic Solutions is able to control its sources, quality and cost to ensure our ability to provide excellent quality to our Healthcare customers. Strategic Solutions is a minority owned business.

Mission Statement

  • To be the acknowledged leader in strategic development of Patient Information and Messaging Systems.
  • To increase our solution offering to meet the specific needs of our customers.
  • To assist our customers in providing the highest quality Healthcare experience for their recipients and family's.
  • To solve the challenges facing caregivers and healthcare recipients by providing improved quality of communication between Healthcare staff, family and doctors.


Strategic Solutions, Inc. produces and distributes a complete line of "The Messenger" Quick Information Messaging System. Our manufacturing capabilities enable Strategic Solutions, Inc. to offer customized solutions to each unique Healthcare environment while still maintaining exceptional quality and the ability to meet our customers applications.

Business Development and Value Added Service

Strategic Solutions "The Messenger" System provides our customers with the knowledge and tools to give their Healthcare environment the competitive edge. The company works closely with customers to provide the most effective use of information while maintaining their budget and hospital decor concerns. Strategic Solutions, Inc. custom designs and custom packages a high quality product to meet our customers requirements. Strategic Solutions, Inc. will soon be offering the web-based reorder and supply program. Now all of your supplies and reorder items will easily be able to access via our web site.