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The Messenger

New Card Holder Module: We now offer a new module for use with "The Messenger"™. This card holder module comes with a two-sided card with a unique message on each side.

The "The Messenger" is our No.1 selling product line. We have developed this messaging system with the goal of providing the most versatile, compact, and advanced sign messaging system on the market. "The Messenger" has all of the features needed to meet the most challenging communication needs. It is our smallest modular system, but by far the most popular and the most functional.

This messaging system is most commonly used in Health Care facilities such as hospitals, surgical centers, and nursing homes. The advisory windows allow the medical facilities to standardize messaging and communication throughout the facility. By implementing The "The Messenger" product line in your organization you are addressing the ever changing requirements and recommendations of JCAHO, MSA and each medical facilities Patient Safety Goals and regulations.

The "The Messenger" is not limited to the Medical environment, it is also a perfect fit for corporate facilities, educational classrooms, offices, hotels, and any other industry where simple and effective communication is a challenge. It is our goal at Strategic Solutions, Inc. to provide the highest quality of communication and saftey in your environment.

Like all of our modular sign products, The "The Messenger" can be purchased in over 200 color combinations to suit any decor. All messages and information selected for display in the advisory windows will be customized by your facilities personel.

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