"Clear, Open Lines of Communications Save Lives!"
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PREP Kit Contents

The PREP Kit gives any healthcare facility immediate preparedness in the face of crisis. Give your facility a staged response plan using The Messenger PREP Kit.

Public Area SignsPublic Rish AssesmentPatient Room Isolation ModulesPatient Room Precaution and Advisory ModulesDocumentation and InformationSTAT PAQ's
Communications Preparedness Procedure


step 1 - Educate

The PREP Kit provides an excellent base level educational DVD and Operations Manual for staff and non-healthcare trained caregivers. The DVD can easily be viewed at team staging stations. The program follows deployment processes of the PREP Kit, frequently asked questions, four (4) checklists and commonly used terms.

Educate your patients on the importance of Hygiene Principles and handwashing guidelines. The PREP Kit is equipped with 200 public handout brochures that easily explain general hygiene principles, handwashing guidelines and other infection control recommendations and are available for immediate distribution.


Keep your symptomatic patients directed to the appropriate alternate staging and admission areas.

Each PREP Kit contains two (2) of the following "Public Area" signs.

Public Area Signs

Public Assesment Modules

The PREP Kit contains three (3) Risk Assessment Modules for use at nurse's stations and/or information stations. The Risk Assessment Modules use the WHO Phase levels 1-6 for designated progression.


Advisory Module

The PREP Kit contains twenty-five (25) Patient Room Modules and Patient Advisory Modules.

Each set displays on the patient room door or outside patient holding area, Droplet, Contact, Standard, and Airborne Isolation Precautions.

The Patient Advisory Modules display eight (8) Treatment Advisories such as Specimen Collection, Respiratory Treatment, Serology Testing, Vaccine Priority, Advisory, PPE, OIM and Latex Allergy.

Advisory Cards

The PREP Kit contains fifty (50) Action Advisory Cards that are a practical reference tool for all levels of caregiver. The card provides appropriate Patient Protective Equipment information that is needed prior to coming into contact with a symptomatic patient and can easily be worn on a Lanyard device.

The STAT Paq's Standard Precaution Kit provides convenient access to the Patient Protective Equipment prior to contact with a symptomatic patient.

Each STAT Paq kit contains the following items: protective eyewear, N-95 mask, protective gown, nitrite gloves (2 sizes) and shoe covers.


step 1 - Recovery

The PREP Kit products are stored in a durable, waterproof polyethylene storage case. The case provides foam inserts for easy packaging and storage arrangement of all items. Many of the items are treated with an anti-microbial additive for quick and easy cleaning, storage and reuse.

Re-orders available on all individual components.

All wording is written under the recommended guidelines of CDC, WHO, HHS and the United States Government plan for preparedness.