"Clear, Open Lines of Communications Save Lives!"
ARC Flash Analysis

"The brillance of The Messenger™ allows this system to be customized to meet the care requirements for different Hospital departments."

Paul M. Sternberg, RA, CSI, CCS, CCCA
BSA Life Structures

"This system has improved communication accuracy between staff. The ease and quick reference capability saves valuable time."

Jim McGillem
Manager, Building Corporation, St. Mary's Medical Center

"As an interior design firm we feel the "The MessengerTM" works well with any patient care environment because of its aesthetically pleasing color options."

Sally Hale
Maregatti Interiors

"The Messenger™ has improved many communications problems inside the Surgicare facility and I would recommend the product to other businesses."

Diana McDaniel, RN, MSN
Surgicare Facility Administrator

Every managed care facility and participating health plan organization should evaluate the use of this product. I would encourage them to see this system as a quality improvement initiative they request of their participating hospitals. This is an excellent system to improve communication within the facility. This is an awesome product."

Candace Adye, Director
Deaconess Cancer Center
Chancellor Center for Oncology